Media Manipulation: Ben Shapiro and Michelle Fields

In Michelle Fields’ account of the alleged Lewandowski incident, she said “Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance.” Reporters like Cenk Uygur and Ben Shapiro reported that Fields was “dragged to the ground.” Other media outlets called it an “assault”, an act of “violence”, and Fields herself in an ABC interview said that she was “violated.”

Notice how easily it was for the media to exaggerate this story. In a video of the incident released by MSNBC, Fields was, at worse, firmly pulled back in the way a security guard would intervene on a trespasser.

Fields exaggerated this by say saying she was “yanked down”, and Uygur and Shapiro exaggerated this even further by saying she was “dragged to the ground”, painting a mental image of a vicious attack.

The media uses this kind of phrasing, and words like “violated” (sounds rapey) and “assault” because they’re more effective in provoking interest, pushing personal agendas, and garnering publicity. Uygur and Shapiro are both fervently anti-Trump, and Fields, who often conveniently finds herself at the center of these kinds of stories, has a book coming out in June.

Media outlets with a strong ideological slant—left or right—are in the business of exploiting our emotions for profit, and tend to prioritize agenda over facts. Be skeptical of all of them.


UPDATE: New video angle released.

It appears that Lewandowski possibly did pull Fields back, but she certainly wasn’t “violated” as she said on ABC. Moreover, this wasn’t a violent “assault” as many in the media reported; she wasn’t “dragged to the ground” as Ben Shapiro implied on Fox; and she wasn’t “thrown down” as Ben Terris said in the audio recording.

They’re all liars.

And Lewandowski barely acknowledged Fields, so naturally he wouldn’t have remembered her. He was clearly just trying to get around some intrusive reporter who was in Trump’s way.


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