Uniting Against Progressivism

Admittedly, the nationalist and identitarian movements that are rapidly growing across the Western world have made some valid observations about the destabilization of our societies, but some within those movements are mistaken in the belief that certain races—collectively—are the source of this problem. This belief runs contrary to the fact that not every person of any particular race advocates or exploits this destabilization.

The problem isn’t racial, but ideological. The problem is fostered by advocates of progressivism—of all backgrounds—who, against the will of the majority, use the media, activism, and politics to propagate and impose collectivist ideals such as artificial equality over meritocracy (eg. racial and gender quotas), forced integration, and relativist definitions of family and identity.

Progressives tend to have a savior complex that they appease by overcompensating the mistreatment of non-whites and women often through acts of virtue signaling. They coddle and manipulate them, exaggerate their problems, and blame “privileged” white men for the so-called “systematic oppression” against them.

Despite claiming to support social harmony, progressives encourage hypocrisy and segregation. It’s okay to criticize “whiteness”, but it’s not okay to criticize “blackness.” When women criticize men it’s “critique”; when men criticize women it’s “sexism.” Christianity should be mocked; Islam should be respected.

Progressives have been wildly successful in lowering education and work standards, downplaying bad behavior (which encourages it), widening social divisions, and turning everyone across the world against each other.

How do we stop this?

We stop it by supporting our own media (eg. news outlets, games, vlogs etc.), and by getting off our asses and voting for people who support individualism. Progressivism has only been able to thrive because of our inactivity. Politics do matter.

There are a lot more of us than there are of them. If we, individualists of all types—conservatives, libertarians, and the alt-right—stop fighting with each other and unite against progressivism, we would easily win.


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